Colin Preller
Lead vocals
Rhythm guitar

Colin has been singing for as long as he can remember, but about 6 years ago, God challenged him to take it seriously. Some of his life’s greatest ambitions are to write timeless songs that minister to a generation, travel the world and participate in The Roof of Africa.

Colours: Red, white & black
Food: Rump steak, pizza & nachos
Pastimes: Listening to some music with good friends and having a braai
Destination: Rome (Italy)
Roll models: Jesus Christ, Achilles, King David & Pastor Chris

  Jayson Reynolds
Lead guitar
Backing vocals (screaming)

Jayson has been playing guitar every day, since October 2000 and loving every second. Not many things are more inspiring to him than a monumental guitar riff. Some of his life’s greatest ambitions are to travel the world, make legendary rock songs and fly helicopters.

Colours: Red, white & black
Food: Rump steak, pizza & pasta
Pastimes: Taking long walks (with Jax & Lex), having quality convo's & braaiing
Destination: Rome (Italy)
Roll models: Jesus Christ, Dad, Pastor Cliff & Maximus

  Kyle Bath
Bass guitar
Backing vocals

Kyle has been playing bass actively for the last three years and wouldn’t have it any other way. He brings the groove. Travelling the world, film work and property are some of his life’s goals. As all his friends know, there is only one destination in the world on his mind: New York City.

Colours: Maroon & lime green
Food: Italian & Chinese food
Pastimes: Spending time on a golf course, meeting new people & relaxing with friends
Destination: New York City (USA)
Roll models: Jesus Christ, Mom, The Jones Brothers & King David

  Jaco Novella

Jaco has been playing drums for eight years and won’t stop playing for the next five hundred. Some of his greatest ambitions are to play on the biggest stages in world, travel the world, skateboard at Tampa, Florida (USA) and bungee jump from the highest bridge in the world.

Colours: Black & blue
Food: Pretty much everything
Pastimes: Hanging out with friends, skateboarding & gyming
Destination: London (England)
Roll models: Jesus Christ, Mom and Patrick (cell leader)

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