The Reazon Band was started by lead guitarist Jayson Reynolds, with his cousin, Warren Nel as the drummer in October 2004 (the band was then known as "The Reason"). Jayson had been playing guitar for 4 years at the time and wrote the basic ideas for songs such as “Eclipse” and “Over Again” (please refer to the Discography page for more information on song listing). Inspiration for the writing of songs in the band was and has always been inspired by God.

In January 2005, Jayson’s sister (Candice) invited two of her friends (Colin Preller and Kyle Bath) to lunch at Warren’s house. Colin, being a vocalist and rhythm guitarist, asked to hear some of The Reazon Band’s music. There was evident musical chemistry and due to the fact that in his quiet time, Colin received a word from God, saying to him that he needed to be a part of a band focused on ministry, he joined the band the very next day.

The Reazon Band performed a number of gigs without a bassist, until Kyle (an avid supporter and friend of the band) joined in September that year. In 2007, Warren left the band for personal reasons. The Reazon Band had a few session drummers until Jaco Novella joined the band in September 2007.

Candice Reynolds was appointed as band manager and coordinator during the middle of 2007 and served until June 2009. Jenny Reynolds was then appointed this position thereafter.

The Reazon Band has performed a number of gigs and events at schools, churches and orphanages in the perspective of reaching out to the community. Due to the message of the band, The Reazon Band has a very different focus: Salvation: the most important gift that one can ever be given.

The vision has and always will be to impact people, using arguably the most effective form of media: music. The lyrics are blatently gospel and the message of salvation is delivered strongly, using deep lyrics and without compromise. The music is timeless and the band believes that the more people it reaches – the better.
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